2015 Poetry Books

2015 UK Poetry Books

(Compiled by Free Verse: The Poetry Book Fair with the help of the Saison Poetry Library catalogue.)

December 2015


Indigo Dreams
A Gap in the Rain / Barbara Cumbers
Missing, Presumed Unread / Tom Bryan
Handprints / Valerie Morton

Shoestring Press
Schooled For Life / Alexis Lykiard

Stairwell Books
Unsettled Accounts / Tony Lucas


Constitutional Information
A Horse That Runs: To & Fro with Wallace Stevens / Kelvin Corcoran & Alan Halsey

Gatehouse Press
Riverine / Eleanor Rees

Poem Flyer
Poem Flyer Number 1: The Hippie’s Garden, Robert Richardson
Poem Flyer Number 2: Points of View: Steep Hill, Lincoln, Robert Richardson
Poem Flyer Number 3: Interval, W.S. Milne
Poem Flyer Number 4: Frances Jane Milne (1930-2002), W.S. Milne
Poem Flyer Number 5: The Highland Clearances: Assynt, Sutherland, W.S. Milne


Penned in the Margins
Forgive the Language: Essays on Poets and Poetry / Katy Evans-Bush

November 2015


Alba Publishing
Thames way : haiku and tanka / Diarmuid Fitzgerald

Burning Eye Books
The Venus papers / Lydia Towsey
The secrets I let slip / Selina Nwulu
Show me life / Liv Torc
Rogue teacher / Mark Grist ; illustrated by Guy Larsen
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in London / Nathan Penlington and Sarah Lester
Underneath the Roses Where I Remembered Everything / Molly Case
Nice / Robert Garnham
Twat in the flat / Geoff Allnutt

The incomplete Tim Key / Tim Key

The Caseroom Press
Knock knock / Barrie Tullett
Adair / Barrie Tullett

Circle Time Press
K.G. confidential : a festschrift for Katherine Gallagher

Corbel Stone Press
Memorious earth : a longitudinal study / Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton

Cultured Llama
Les Animots: A Human Bestiary, by Gordon Meade, images by Douglas Robertson

Dedalus Press
Fur / Grace Wells
Fiddle dreams : poems & lyrics / John Sheahan

The Emma Press
True tales of the countryside / by Deborah Alma ; with an introduction by Helen Ivory

Eyewear Publishing
Hungerpots : new & selected poems / Hester Knibbe ; translated by Jacquelyn Pope

Gallery Books
Clouds / Derek Mahon ; with drawings by Pat Harris

The Garlic Press
Poem for Suffolk / by Dean Parkin & the people of Suffolk
Reading through the night / Jenifer Smith

Pattern beyond chance / Stephen Payne

Hen Run
Gardening with my father : poems / by Elizabeth Hare

Indigo Dreams Publishing
My lover’s birds / Diana Mitchener
Ground cover / Ann Pilling
Mind the gap / Dorothy Baird
Grapes in the crater / Camilla Lambert

Jonathan Cape
Talking dead / Neil Rollinson

Knives Forks and Spoons Press
Versions of Martial / Alan Halsey
Words out of time : autrebiographies and unwritings / Robert Sheppard
Signature move / Robert Swereda
Motherboard / Juliet Troy
Through the weather glass : (& what Icarus found there) / Lucy Burnett

Luath Press
Not actually being in Dumfries : new and selected poems / Hugh McMillan

morning star
Ebban an’ flowan / Alec Finlay, Laura Watts ; with photographs by Alistair Peebles

Openings-Closings Press
The Dedalus poems : images to accompany James Joyce’s Ulysses / Chris McCabe

original plus
Indispensable : a collection of new poems in support of Ancoats Dispensary Trust / by Andy Hickmott

Peepal Tree Press
Wife / Tiphanie Yanique

Rockingham Press
Mrs Uomo’s yearbook / Danielle Hope
Low maintenance : selected & new poems / John Forth
More new and collected poems / Lotte Kramer

Shearsman Books
Beneath : a nekyiad / Simon Perril
In spite of all : a memoir of Alberto de Lacerda / Luís Amorim de Sousa

Shoestring Press
These notes are out of order / Andy Green
Finding the planes : new and selected poems / M.R. Peacocke
The days after always : new and selected poems / Angela Kirby
Miss Jekyll’s gardening boots / Ann Drysdale
Selected poems / G.S. Fraser ; introduction by Andrew Waterman
Cur / Martin Malone
Letter to my rival / Merryn Williams

Sidekick Books
Hell Creek anthology / poems by J.T. Welsch ; images by Dom & Ink

Smith Doorstop
Analogue/Digital : new & selected poems / Paul Munden
The singing and dancing : collected poems / Ann Atkinson
Honoured / Yvonne Green
Skipper / Christy Ducker

Stairwell Books
Learning to Breathe / John Gilham

Templar Poetry
The naming of girls / Sarah Roby
Pharmakon / Erin Halliday
The end of the sky / Ian Harker
Staying in touch / Oliver Comins
The Chelsea Flower Show massacre / Mark Fiddes
Call them juneberries / Jeri Onitskansky
The oligarch loses his patience / Claudia Daventry
A handbook for the afterlife / Polly Clark

Test Centre
Westering / by Iain Sinclair

Valley Press
Ex libris : poems / by David Hughes ; edited and with an introduction by Antony Dunn
Cinema stories / James Nash & Matthew Hedley Stoppard

Wurm Press
The architecture of chance / Christodoulos Makris


Flipped Eye Publishing
Her blue body / Warsan Shire

Only by flying / Helen Evans

Indigo Dreams
Grapes in the Crater / Camilla Lambert
My Lover’s Birds / Diana Mitchener

The Rialto
The Swan Machine / Dean Parkin 

Smith Doorstop
Porthole / David Borrott
Element / Rachel McCarthy
The Flemish primitives / Luke Samuel Yates
Those people / Paul Stephenson
Three dragon day / David Tait
Old / Basil du Toit
Trieste / Nichola Deane
Fossil record / Wayne Price


Alba Publishing
The lion tamer dreams of office work : an anthology of poetry by the Hibernian Writers / edited by Amanda Bell

Dedalus Press
Coloured handprints : 20 German-language poets / edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky ; translated from the German by Anatoly Kudryavitsky and Yulia Kudryavitskaya

The Emma Press
The Emma Press anthology of age / edited by Sarah Hesketh ; illustrated by Emma Wright

Hazard Press
Gelynion / Nia Davies, Joe Dunthorne, S.J. Fowler, Eurig Salisbury, Zoë Skoulding, Rhys Trimble

Indigo Dreams Publishing
Inspiration : a space for words / edited by LMA Bauman-Milner, John Gledhill and Oz Hardwick
An after-dinner’s sleep / Gill Lambert, Maria Preston & Hannah Stone ; general editor, Oz Hardwick

Penned in the Margins
Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis / ed. by Theodoros Chiotis

Rockingham Press
Ware Poets 17th competition anthology, 2015 / judged by Carrie Etter

Reality Street
Out of everywhere 2 : linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America & the UK [multimedia] / edited and introduced by Emily Critchley

Shearsman Books
My news for you : Irish poetry, 600-1200 / edited & translated by Geoffrey Squires

Sidekick Books
Birdbook : farmland, heathland, mountain and moorland / edited by Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone


if p then q
The Unbearable Contact with Poets / derek beaulieu

Shearsman Books
Andrew Duncan: A Poetry Boom 1990-2010 (crit.)

October 2015


Letters to Akhmatova / Patricia McCarthy                
Finis-terre / David Pollard

Gone away : haiku stories / Ken Jones

From the diaries of John Dee / poems by Nigel Wood ; images by Alan Halsey

Approximately in the key of C / Tony Curtis ; editor, John W. Clarke
Half-light : and other poems / translated and introduced by Peter France ; series editor, Jean Boase-Beier

Spruce / Tom Jenks

Alternative values : poems & paintings / Frieda Hughes
Application for release from the dream / Tony Hoagland
Considering the women / Choman Hardi
Inquisition Lane / Matthew Sweeney
Selected poems / Lars Gustafsson ; translated by John Irons
Wild nights : new & selected poems / Kim Addonizio

Cherry pie / by Hollie McNish
Things You find in a Poet’s Beard - A.f. Harrold

Collected poems / Muriel Spark ; with an afterword by Michael Schmidt
New selected poems / Shuntarō Tanikawa ; translated by William I. Elliott and Kazuo Kawamura
Posthumous cantos / Ezra Pound ; edited by Massimo Bacigalupo

The rhythm of the year : a Sussex odyssey / written and illustrated by Julia Desch

Haiku chiaroscuro : lighter and darker sides of haiku poetry and prose / David Cobb
Ignis innaturalis : magician’s fire [multimedia] / Tim Fletcher ; illustrations by Jan Fletcher

Some people have too many legs : the script of the show / Jackie Hagan

Sisters in Spitfires / Alison Hill
Private Places / Wynn Wheldon

The listening forest / Sophie Herxheimer

Annals / Martin Burke
Assassins : for those whom souls chapter mercy / Martin J. Byrne
At the edge : poems / Kate Ennals
The enemy : tranversions from Charles Baudelaire / Peter O'Neill
Escape & other poems / Nina Sokol
Fathomable / Jane Morley
Fault line / Paul Mortimer
I heard an Irish Jew / Gerry McDonnell
Ventriloquist’s dummy / David Andrew

Arc / David Clarke
House / Myra Connell
The kerosene singing / Alistair Noon
Kith / Jo Bell
The knowledge / Robert Peake
The library inspector or the one book library / David Hart
Plenty-fish / Sarah James

Ulysses locations : tiny signs in air : images to accompany James Joyce’s Ulysses / John Christie

Colouring outside the lines / Jennie Osborne

Tattoo on Crow Street / Kate Noakes ; edited by Alan Kellermann

Haiku / Stanley Greaves
Providential / Colin Channer
Leaving Atlantis / Esther Phillips

Windharp : poems of Ireland since 1916 / edited by Niall MacMonagle

Fence / Tim Creswell

The end of the pier / Martin Slidel

Collected Poems / Thomas Carew
History or Sleep: Selected Poems / Robert Sheppard
Sarabad / Abdulkarim Kasid

Surveyors’ riddles / Giles Goodland and Alistair Noon, with co-options ; translated out of the original tongues with the former translations diligently compared and revised

Pangs! / Robert Herbert McClean

The girl who grew into a crocodile / Claire Walker


Nadolig y dryw / Gillian Clarke
The twelve poems of Christmas : volume seven / selected and introduced by Carol Ann Duffy

Equipage Press
Cavalcanty / Peter Hughes

Coming Home / Andrew Motion

Intae the Snaw / Thomas Clark

Stanze / Simon Marsh
Still Life / Ian Patterson


The bright rose : Early German verse, 800-1280 / edited and translated by Philip Wilson ; series editor, Jean Boase-Beier

The haiku 100 : the historic collection / edited by David Cobb, James Kirkup and Peter Mortimer

The very best of 52 : a poem for every week of the year / selected by Jonathan Davidson ; foreword by Jo Bell and Norman Hadley

Groundation Poetry Project : poetry, power, people / editors, Obinna Nwosu and Charlotte Weinberg

Free verse : poetry book fair 2015 : programme and anthology.

September 2015


Bare Fiction
The girl in the dog-tooth coat / Zelda Chappel

Bloodaxe Books
Love Songs of Carbon / Philip Gross
The Wilderness Party / AB Jackson
One Crimson Thread / Micheal O'Siadhail
Yarn / Maitreyabandhu

Burning Eye Books
Burning Books / Jess Green

Carcanet Press
Waiting for the past / Les Murray

Dare-Gale Press
Poems of love and war / Mary Borden ; edited by Paul O’ Prey

Faber & Faber
40 sonnets / Don Paterson

The Gallery Press
Blaris Moor / Medbh McGuckian
The flower and the frozen sea / Michelle O'Sullivan

The Greville Press
A selection of poems / W.S. Graham ; chosen by Martin Farren
Tree power / Heathcote Williams
The Bartlett bells / Grey Gowrie

HappenStance Press
Cursive / Vishvāntarā

Howtown Press
The mortal man / Kieron Winn

Isobar Press
World Without / Paul Rossiter

Red Ceilings Press
Unnecessarily emphatic / Kathrine Sowerby

Spontanistische collagen / Peter Huckauf

Shearsman Books
Blood party / Merle Lyn Bachman
The best of all possible worlds / Damian Furniss
The Victor poems / Anthony Caleshu

Sidekick Books
Hell Creek Anthology / J.T. Welsch and Dom & Ink

Smokestack Books
Don’t mention the children / Michael Rosen
Don’t forget the couscous / Amir Darwish

Stairwell Books
The Problem with Beauty / Tanya Nightingale

Test Centre
Dark islands / Tom Chivers
To end it all / Paul Buck

Two Rivers Press
The Rilke of Ruth Speirs : New poems, Duino elegies, Sonnets to Orpheus & others / edited by John Pilling & Peter Robinson
A murmuration / David Cooke
Man with bombe Alaska / Kate Behrens

Reading (story of) O / Emmanuelle Waeckerlé
The book of the green man / Ronald Johnson ; afterword by Ross Hair

V. Press
Art brut / David O'Hanlon

Waterlily Press
Blue owl : picture-poems / Nick Wadley


Indigo Dreams
Theatreland / Sophie Reynolds

The Melos Press
Since / Ian Parks
The secrets of the sea / Nicholas Murray

Oystercatcher Press
Sabots / John James
Notes on Sanskrit / Nisha Ramayya

Telltale Press
The fire station / Sarah Barnsley


Forward Arts Foundation
The Forward Book of Poetry 2016

Holland Park Press
100 Dutch-Language Poems - From the Medieval Period to the Present Day

Sidekick Books
Lives beyond us : poems and essays on the film reality of animals / edited by Sebastian Maley and Kirsten Irving
Over the line : an introduction to poetry comics / edited by Chrissy Williams & Tom Humberstone

Smokestack Books
Return to streets of eternity / Jan Carew ; edited by Joy Gleason Carew and Chris Searle

Soaring Penguin Press
Without skin : 23 eminent women poets / interviewed by Ruth O'Callaghan

Tower Poetry
Something to be said : poems from the Tower Poetry Summer School, 2014 / edited by Jane Griffiths and David Wheatley

August 2015


Aquifer Books
Slipping the leash / Graham Hartill, Phil Maillard, Chris Torrance
Swansea automatic : a creative writing manual / Rhys Trimble
The ‘white city’ / Steven Hitchins

Bennison Books
The human hive / John Looker

Burning Eye Books
The Venus Paper / Lydia Towsey

Cinnamon Press
Accent / Ellen Davies
From we to I / Kathleen M Quinlan
The green gate / Fiona Owen
In search of home / Chris Considine
Insatiable carrot / Judy Kendall
Keeping secrets / Jenny Morris
The missing girl / Will Kemp
No theory of everything / Martin Zarrop
On the bevel / Janice Moore Fuller
Paga / Maria Louise Apichella
Scumbled / Lesley Ingram
Skindancing / Susan Richardson ; with illustrations by Pat Gregory
Unfolding origami / David Olsen
Zones of avoidance / Maggie Sawkins

Enitharmon Press
A bottle and other poems / Alan Brownjohn
The breaking hour / Kevin Crossley-​Holland
Derelict air : from collected out / Edward Dorn ; edited by Justin Katko and Kyle Waugh
Earth’s almanac / Lucy Newlyn
Going out / Anthony Thwaite
Jerusalem deleted / Simon Jarvis
Marine / Alan Jenkins and John Kinsella
Poetical works : 1999-2015 / Keston Sutherland
Scattered light / Jeremy Hooker
Selected poems / Jack Clemo ; edited by Luke Thompson ; with an introduction by Rowan Williams
Voodoo excess : rolling with the Stones / Jeremy Reed

Fighting Cock Press
Fishing for spring / Mary Sheepshanks ; editor, Pauline Kirk

Ingleby Gallery
I hear her cry : anagrammatic poem-clues for The Oaks, Wellesley / Alec Finlay ; photography by Stewart Clements ; essay by Jeremy Millar

Isobar Press
Neck of the Woods / Peter Makin

Liverpool Liverpool University Press
Edward Dowden: A Critical Edition of the Complete Poems

Mudfog Press
A present of quince / Jennifer Petty McMahon

The Next Review
Lodgers / Jo Robinson
She was the girl / Gareth Jones
World’s one heart / Don Russ

Paekakariki Press
London connections / poems and images by Jill Mylius

Penned in the Margins
Everything crash / Tim Wells
The story of no / Emma Hammond

Shearsman Books
Aeneid : (books I-VI) / Virgil ; translated by David Hadbawnik ; illustrations by Carrie Kaser
Floating lanterns / Mercedes Roffé ; translated from Spanish by Anna Deeny
The Messier Objects / Michael Zand
Milestones / Marina Tsvetaeva ; translated from the Russian by Christopher Whyte
Smoke rising : London, 1940-1 / John Seed
Unfinished and uncollected : finishing Cavafy’s unfinished poems, followed by Uncollected poems and translations / George Economou

Valley Press
It is I who speak : selected poems / Nigel Gerrans ; edited by Felix Hodcroft
Life class / Jo Reed


Burning Eye Books
The Secrets I Let Slip / Selina Nwulu

Equipage Press
Time Dust / Ian Patterson

Night letter / Fiona Moore

Indigo Dreams
Anne Frank’s Fragments from Nowhere / Bernard Kops
Lullaby Days / Michael Curtis
Border Lines / Stuart A. Paterson
Walking Sequence / William Oxley

Oystercatcher Press
Half a dozen, just like you / Simon Smith
Inn signs / Jeremy Noel-Tod
Ponge / translated by Ian Brinton

Rack Press
Address book / David Harsent and Fiona Sampson
The blue cell / Anna Lewis
Soft mutation / Nicky Arscott


Candlestick Press
Twelve poems about chickens / with an introduction by Pippa Greenwood

Emma Press
Slow things : poems about slow things / edited by Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright

Peepal Tree Press
Coming Up Hot: 8 New Caribbean Poest

July 2015


Arc Publications
Indelible, miraculous / edited by Bev Robinson

Bare Fiction Press
The Girl in the Dog-tooth Coat  / Zelda Chappel

Burning Eye Books
TRIBE! / Monkey Poet
The Edinburgh fringe in a Nutshell / Paul Eccenntric

Cultured Llama Publishing
Automatic writing / John Brewster
Zygote poems / Richard Thomas

Green Bottle Press
Man from La Paz / Jilly Munro

If P Then Q
Family portraits / Stephen Emmerson
A field guide to lost things / Peter Jaeger

Indigo Dreams
Glamourie / Donald Adamson
The Stone Messenger / Eileen Carney Hulme
Looking For Icarus / Roselle Angwin

Iron Press
Limehaven / Vicky Arthurs ; illustrated by Kate Heiss
The she chronicles : history’s maverick women : poems / by Lisa Rodgers

Jonathan Cape
physical / Andrew McMillan

New Gallery Books
There are no strangers : the fifth anthology of new writing by Word for Word / edited by Brian Docherty, Bruce Carson & Catharine Scholnick

Oversteps Books
Playing for time / Jane Spiro

Penned in the Margins
Selected poems / Martin Richards

Red Ceilings Press
Endless/nameless / Richard Barrett & Rachel Sills
A new geography of romanticism / a sequence of 49 poems / Tim Allen

Sixties Press
The poet / by Brenda Williams

Telltale Press
When love came to the cartoon kid / Siegfried Baber


Equipage Press
A Failure to Fully Confess: An Activist Poem / John Kinsella

Green Bottle Press
The Withering Room / Sarah Sibley

HappenStance Press
Cuts / Rosie Miles
Flout / Stephanie Green
Under a spell place / Paula Jennings

Indigo Dreams
The Memory of Water / Abegail Morley

Original Plus
On Lipstick Beach / F J Williams

Otley Word Feast Press
Play / Jo Peters
Recalculating / Gail Mosley

Rack Press
Soft Mutation / Nicky Arscott
The Blue Cell / Anna Lewis

Shearsman Books
12 Greek poems after Cavafy / edited by Paschalis Nikolaou; translated by Paschalis Nikolaou & Richard Berengarten
The art of walking / Sonia Overall
Cont. / Amy Evans
Family time / Peter Jaeger
Spiritual letters (series 6) / David Miller
Watersong / Andy Brown
Simple Complex Shapes / Vahni Capildeo


Australian Cultural Forum
Kakania : an anthology / edited by S. J. Fowler

Bloodaxe Books
Funny ha-ha, funny peculiar : a book of strange & comic poems / edited by Neil Astley

Boydell Press
Accompanied voices : poets on composers from Thomas Tallis to Arvo Pärt / selected by John Greening

Candlestick Press
Ten bedtime poems. Volume two / selected and introduced by Germaine Greer
Ten poems about babies / selected and introduced by Imtiaz Dharker

Hayward Publishing
The new concrete : visual poetry in the 21st century / edited by Victoria Bean and Chris McCabe

June 2015


Selected Poems from Les Fleurs du Mal / trans. Jan Owen
Come to Me / Kārlis Vērdin̦š .
Those April Fevers / Mary O'Donnell
Self-Portrait with a Swarm of Bees / Jan Wagner

On Ridgegrove Hill / Alyson Hallett

Cosmographia: and Other Poems / Blandine Longre
Tales of the xhuxha'i / Anne-Sylvie Salzman

Alive Alive O / Greta Stoddart
The River / Jane Clarke
Tender Spot: Selected Poems / Naomi Shihab Nye

Rogue Teacher / Mark Grist
Show Me Life / Liv Torc

Careful What You Wish For / Peter Sansom

Blood work / Matthew Siegel

Georges Perec is My Hero / Caron Freeborn

How Far From Daybreak / Brian Coffey

Landmarks / Robert Macfarlane

In Casting Off / JO Morgan

Happiness / Jack Underwood

More Bees, Bigger Bonnets / Steve Pottinger

Ghosts in the Desert / Emma Lee
The Weight of Coming Home / Jennifer McGowan
artefacts / Mick Yates

The Draft Will / Peter Robinson

Deep Lane / Mark Doty

The Emigrant Woman’s Tale / Csilla Toldy & Fil Campbel
The Last Fire / Helen Harrison
Speck: Poems, 2002-2006 / Alice Lyons

Narrow Ruled Feint with Margin / Boltini

Citizen: An American Lyric / Claudia Rankine

Continue / Graham Fulton

Memoirs of Caravaggio / F.T. Prince
In Keats country / F.T. Prince

The Remains / Annie Freud

The Naming of Things / Nicholas Bielby
After the Silent Phone Call / Wendy Holborow
Breaking Away / Scott Elder
The Humdrum Club / Peter Rawlings

Collected Poems / ed. Rian Evans

Poems, 2004-2014 / Harriet Tarlo

Boys on a Roof: Nine Abrasions / John Hartley Williams
The Rising Flame: Remembering Sidney Keyes / Rod Madocks
Like Life: Selected Poems of Stanley Cook

Laboratorio: Poems from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory / ed. Simon Barraclough

Paul Bunyan / Larry Beckett
Barearse boy / Jon Tait
Talking to the dead / Gordon Hodgeon

The Night Library / Anna Robinson, artwork by Martin Parker
Dad’s Slideshow / Di Slaney, illustrations by Martin Parker

The Ordinaryness of Parrots / Amina Alyall
Throwing Mother in the Skip / William Thirsk-Gaskill

In the Teeth of Deamons / Billy Childish
Stupor’s Chain: New Poems / Mick Guffan

{Enthusiasm} / S.J. Fowler

Hope & Other Animals / Margaret Hannigan Popp


Six Estonian poets / translated by Adam Cullen, Ilmar Lehtpere, Mari Kalkun & Kristiina Ehin, Brandon Lussier & Eva Liina Asu-Garcia, Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov

Lifesaving Poems / ed. Anthony Wilson

New Poetries VI / ed. Michael Schmidt and Helen Tookey

Falling Out of the Sky: Poems about Myths and Monsters / ed Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright

The Needlewriters / ed. Alice Owens and Janet Sutherland


Breath of Dragons / Andy Allan

Chang'an Poems / Mark Leech
The Worcester Fragments / Neil Leadbeater
The Blinding Light Circling Elpida / Dina Kafiris
The Reedy Boy / Andy Hickmott
One Match / Sheila Hamilton
In a Parallel World / Chris Deakins
Mirrormoon / Helen Buckingham
Pauses at Zebra Crossings / Janette Ayachi

Water and Stone / Anthony Edkins

New Crops from Old Fields – Eight Modern Medievalist Poets / Ed. Oz Hardwick

May 2015


Alba Publishing
The Trouble with Mona Lisa: A Haibun Collection / Peter Butler

Arc Publications
(O) / Sophie Mayer

Bloodaxe Books
Geis / Caitríona O'Reilly
The Art of Scratching / Shazea Quraishi
New Selected Poems / Hans Magnus Enzensberger (trans. David Constantine, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Michael Hamburger, Esther Kinsky)
Not in this World / Tracey Herd

Semibreve / John F. Deane

Chatto & Windus
Loop of Jade / Howe, Sarah

Faber & Faber
Curiosities / Christopher Reid

Fine Press Poetry
Sea Asters / Michael Longley

Indigo Dreams
Kate / Graham Burchell

Isobar Press
Beethoven’s Dream / Eric Selland

Lapwing Publications
Broken Hill / Keith Payne

Liverpool University Press
Contemporary Irish Women Poets 1970-2010 / Lucy Collins

Penned in the Margins
The Good Dark / Ryan Van Winkle

Shearsman Books
Ianthe Poems / Peter Philpott

Test Centre
Dark Islands / Tom Chivers


Hercules Editions
Silents / Claire Crowther

Indigo Dreams
The Poultry Lover’s Guide to Poetry / Helen Kay

Oystercatcher Press
A Barry Bendy Poem / Jeff Hilson
meat volt interruption / Eleanor Perry

Rack Press
Address Book / David Harsent and Fiona Sampson

V Press
Ransom Notes / Jacqui Rowe

Telltale Press
When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid / Siegfried Baber


The Emma Press
The Emma Press Anthology of Dance / eds. Rachel Piercey & Emma Wright

April 2015


Alba Publishing
A Back Day / Ai Ling Cai
Shizuka: Tanka Sequences, a Solo Sequence, Haibun and Tanka Prose / Giselle Maya, Patricia Prime

Bloodaxe Books
Poems / J. H. Prynne

Burning Eye Books
Talk You Round Til’ Dusk / Rebecca Tantony

The Observances / Kate Miller
Marrying the Ugly Millionaire: New and Collected Poems / Sophie Hannah
As When: A Selection / Tom Raworth

Flapjack Press
A Poet Called Dave / Dave Viney
Poetic Off Licence / Hovis Presley

Freight Books
Killochries / Jim Carruth

Harvill Secker
The Days of Surprise / Paul Durcan

Indigo Dreams
Wild Gooseberries of Hailung / Frances Corkey Thompson
A number of things you should know / Susan Jane Sims
Jongleur in the Courtyard / Mandy Pannett
Beyond Wings / Alison Lock

Isobar Press
One More Civil Gesture / C. E. J. Simons
Dreaming of Zeus / Lesley Hardy

Lapwing Publications
The Trouble with Love (from Trouble, with Love) / Fern Angel Beattie
He Robes me Royally / Helen Long
Landscape of Self / Aine MacAodha
Frequencies of Light / James R Kilner
Conversations in the Dark / Valerie Masters

Liverpool University Press
Blood Child / Eleanor Rees
And She Was: A Verse-Novel / Sarah Corbett
Small Hands / Mona Arshi

Peepal Tree Press
The Strange Years of my Life / Nicholas Laughlin

Penned in the Margins
Sunspots / Simon Barraclough

Permanent Publications
Ecozoa / Helen Moore

Sentenced to Life: Poems 2011-2014 / Clive James

Seren Books
The Art of Falling / Kim Moore
Terroir / Graham Mort
House of Small Absences / Anne-Marie Fyfe

Shearsman Books
Sea Table / Kelvin Corcoran
Meaning to go to the Origin in Some Way / Linda Russo
On Narrowness / Claire Crowther
The Apple and the Mountain / David Kennedy
Not so Ill with You and Me / Fani Papageorgiou
Tender Geometries / Mark Dickinson
Hen Harrier: Poems / Colin Simms

Shoestring Press
Life and Other Terms / Janet Fisher
Black Glass: New and Selected Poems / Wayne Burrows

Smokestack Books
Englaland / Steve Ely
The Oranges of Revolution / Clare Saponia

Two Rivers Press
The Sound Ladder / David Attwooll

Valley Press
Humfrey Coningsby / Jonathan Davidson

Virgin Books
Search Party / George the Poet

Waterloo Press
Walking the Hillside / Melinda Lovell

Waywiser Press
Shakespeare’s Horse / Joseph Harrison
It’s Hard to Say / Mary Jo Salter

Worple Press
The Wilding Eye: New & Selected Poems /  Olivia Byard


Dead Ink Books
Kissing Angles / Fletcher, Sarah

Flipped Eye Publishing
Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads / Amy Acre

Grenadine Press
Only / Caroline Natzler

Indigo Dreams
Ye Gods / Jill Sharp
The Devil’s Tattoo / Brett Evans

Original Plus
Future Dust / Andrew Taylor
The Reedy Boy / Andy Hickmott

Templar Poetry
Yes to Everything / Oliver Comins
Notes on the Use of the Austrian Scythe / Emma Must

William Cornelius Harris Publishing
Swimming with Endorphins / Fran Isherwood


Bloodaxe Books
Hallelujah for 50ft Women: Poems about Women’s Relationships to their Bodies / ed. Raving Beauties

Emma Press
Campaign in Poetry: the Emma Press Anthology of Political Poems / ed. Rachel Piercey, Emma Wright

Prole Books
Caboodle / Karina Vidler, Gill McEvoy, Russell Jones, Kate Garrett, Angela Croft, Rafael Miguel Montes; ed. Brett Evans and Phil Robertson

Shearsman Books
A Massively Single Number / edited by Yang Lian ; translated by Brian Holton

Wellcome Collection
Refracted Light: 20 Poets Respond to Jackson Mac Low’s Light Poems / edited by James Wilkes

Worple Press
MAP Poems After William Smith’s Geological Map of 1815 / edited by Michael McKimm


Contemporary British Poetry / David Wheatley

Shearsman Books
‘Free Verse’ as Formal Restraint: An Alternative to Metrical Conventions in Twentieth Century Poetic Structure / Andrew Crozier (ed. Ian Brinton)
‘Free Verse’ as Formal restraint / Andrew Crozier

March 2015


Alba Publishing
Heart Murmurs / Steven Carter

Arc Publications
Whitecoins / James Byrne

Bloodaxe Books
Goat’s milk : new & selected poems / Frank Ormsby
The beauty / Jane Hirshfield
Jutland / Selima Hill

Brick Books
Short talks / Anne Carson

The world before snow / Tim Liardet
Otherwise / John Dennison
Portraits / Elaine Feinstein
The invisible gift : selected poems / David Morley
Poppies in translation / Sujata Bhatt
Complete poems / Jon Silkin

Chatto & Windus
Shingle Street / Blake Morrison

Chupmunka Publishing
America and the rest of it / John C.V. Fisher

Cultured Llama
Cold light of morning / Julian Colton

Flapjack Press
Selkie singing at the passing place / Sarah Miller & Melanie Rees
Some people have too many legs / Jackie Hagan

Hagi Press
Sketches from the poem road : after Matsuo Basho’s The narrow road to the deep north / Isao Miura & Chris Beckett

Head of Zeus
Travelling tinker man & other rhymes / David Essex

Little, Brown
Poems / Iain Banks and Ken MacLeod

Mica Press
Plain Text / Michael Vince

Mudfog Press
Colours IV / Patrick Shannon

Oversteps Books
Parachute silk / Denise Bennett
A chance of love : sonnets of two decades / James Turner

The unknown university / Roberto Bolaño
The beautiful librarians / Sean O'Brien

Seren Books
Collected Poems / John Ormond
A Fold in the River / Philip Gross, Valerie Coffin-Price

Shearsman Books
Due north / Peter Riley
Bindings with discords / Pete Smith
It looks like an island but sails away / Ralph Hawkins
In a mist / Geoffrey O'Brien
The dances of Albion : a poetic topography / John Milbank
Snake train : poems, 1984-2013 / Edwin Frank

Stairwell Books
Satires / Andy Humphrey 

Valley Press
Seahouses / Richard Barnett

Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Summer requiem : a book of poems / Vikram Seth


Egg Box
Falseweed / Bill Manhire

Moormaid Press
Mermaids and otherdevices / Nell Farrell

Smokestack Books
Terrace / Richard Skinner

Monkey puzzle / William Gilson


Penguin Books
The Penguin book of Russian poetry / edited by Robert Chandler, Boris Dralyuk and Irina Mashinski

February 2015


Alba Publishing
City of Shaded Light / Steven Carter

Arc Publications
The End of the Trial of Man / Paul Stubbs

Bloodaxe Books
The Land Ballot / Fleur Adcock
Manibo : Peace & War / Ko Un ; translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé & LeeSang-Wha
Sabotage / Priscila Uppal

Enitharmon Press
Placeholder / Rob Halpern

Faber & Faber
Kim Kardashian’s Marriage / Sam Riviere

If P Then Q
Action Score Generator / Nathan Walker

Indigo Dreams Publishing
A Difference in Direction / Thelma Laycock
Dancing on a Rock / Chrys Salt

Jonathan Cape
Human Work / Sean Borodale

Knives Forks and Spoons Press
Hugz / Richard Barrett
The Magnetic Diaries / Sarah James
Nimbus Movements / Debbie Walsh
1000 Proverbs / S.J. Fowler & Tom Jenks
Frank Freeman’s Dancing School / Cliff Yates
Falling Off / Paul Sutton
Checklist / J. Crouse

Muswell Press
200 Weeks : Poems and Commentary, 2010-2014 / Gavin Richards

Oversteps Books
A Prism for the Sun / Rose Flint

Permanent Publications
Ecozoa / Helen Moore

The Beautiful Librarians / Sean O'Brien
Disinformation / Frances Leviston

Seren Books
Judas / Damian Walford-Davies
Boy Running / Paul Henry

Shearsman Books
Notness : Metaphysical Sonnets / Richard Berengarten
As Luck Would Have It / Mark Weiss
Burn / Andre Bagoo
Incognitum / Aubrie Marrin

Smokestack Books
Bones of Birds / Jo Colley
Laventille / Sheree Mack

Valley Press
All / Robert Powell


Enitharmon Press
Decadal / Ronald Blythe

Flarestack Poets
Basho in Acadia / Mark Rutter

HappenStance Press
The Anglesey Leg / Jo Field

Indigo Dreams Publishing
Trainspotters / Greg Freeman
Bodies / Gareth Writer-Davies
Close as Second Skin / Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick

Mariscat Press
Arroyos : Sijo and Other Poems / Timothy E. Bartel

Original Plus Press
Borderlands / Mark Leech

Paekakariki Press
All the Ways You Still Remind Me of the Moon / Liane Strauss

Rack Press
Alabaster Girls / Damian Walford Davies
Hooligans / Katrina Naomi
Mineral Adventures / Fiona Pitt-Kethley
De'Ath and Daughters / A. C. Bevan


Grey Hen Press
Outlook Variable: Poems about the Weather / ed. Joy Howard
Shades of Meaning: Poems about Colours / ed. Joy Howard
Transitions: Poems about the Seasons / ed. Joy Howard

January 2015


Bloodaxe Books
Quantum poetics / Gwyneth Lewis
Beauty/Beauty / Rebecca Perry
One evening in October I rowed out on the lake / Tue Forsström ; translated by David McDuff
Salamander sun : & other poems / Pia Tafdrup ; translated by David McDuff

Last day of the year / Kruger, Michael
Rego retold : poems in response to works by Paula Rego / Lowery, Owen

Erbacce Press
Burning a paper plate : towards a new art : the first in a series of poetry collections / Steve Rushton

Etruscan Books
Advent / Brian Coffey

Faber & Faber
One Thousand Things Worth Knowing / Paul Muldoon

Influx Press
Luxury of the Dispossessed / Dan Duggan

Lapwing Publications
Shadows waltz haltingly / Alan Morrison

Oversteps Books
Persimmon / Ann Segrave
Thumbprints / Helen Overell

Reality Street
Quite Frankly: After Petrarch’s Sonnets / Peter Hughes
Alphabet of Love Serial / Lou Rowan

Shearsman Books
Model city / Donna Stonecipher
The return of the man who has everything / Rupert M Loydell
Pine to sound / Nancy Kuhl
Solitudes & other early poems / translated from the Spanish by Michael Smith & Luis Ingelmo  / Machado, Antonio
Eidolon / Sandeep Parmar
Buried music / Peter Robinson

Smokestack Books
New and selected sorrows / poems by Goran Simić
When we were almost like men / poems by Martin Hayes


Equipage Press
Courses Matter-Woven / John Wilkinson

Oystercatcher Press
Zyxt / Nancy Gaffield


Candlestick Press
Ten poems about knitting / introduction, Di Slaney ; illustrations, Jan Brewerton

The Koestler Trust
A stranger on the shore

Stairwell Books
Homeless / Ed. Ross Raisin


Shearsman Books
Essays on the Poetry of Trevor Joyce / Niamh O’Mahony (ed.)