Exhibitors 2017

Here is a list of our exhibitors this year, so you can get acquainted ahead of the fair!

The fair itself is free to enter and is open to the public from 11am - 6pm, with an Evening Do from 7pm onwards, at Conway Hall (25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL).

Agenda is a highly regarded national/international poetry journal, founded in 1959 by William Cookson and Ezra Pound. Since 2003 it has been edited by Patricia McCarthy. It produces general anthology issues, special issues (sometimes focusing on an undeservedly neglected poet) and international issues. It promotes new, less established and new voices, also young poets (and artists) with the online Broadsheets. Agenda has never followed fashion and focuses on an urgent, necessary poetry that has a music of its own and gives a shiver to the reader. Reviews and essays are also included. The website, which is archived by The Bodleian, showcases poetry and paintings, and the work of young poets and young artists (in the Broadsheets); it also offers essays and reviews. Agenda's fourth poetry festival takes place on Friday October 5th and Saturday October 7th at The Old Palace, Mayfield, East Sussex (details to be announced online on www.agendapoetry.co.uk ). Agenda Editions publishes maybe two individual poetry collections per year, but does not consider unsolicited manuscripts.

Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers
ABP's earliest books included the first collected editions of J. H. Prynne; Douglas Oliver; Veronica Forrest-Thomson. The back catalogue has also included translations including Akutagawa, Albiach, Des Forêts, Giroux, Lagerkvist, Vallejo, Vesaas, Zanzotto. Recent books have included Anthony Barnett's collected poetry and collected translations, a subsequent volume of poetry, and a book of essays. ABP publishes the print-only literary review Snow lit rev.

Anathema is a collective of three Bristol-based small presses: Sad Press, Hesterglock Press, and Moot Press. We mostly publish experimental poetry.

Anima Poetry Press
Anima specialises in publishing contemporary poetry which engages with mythology, metaphysics, symbolism, depth psychology and transcendence—poems which touch on those poles of human experience which might be called 'Soul' and 'Spirit'. We look for work which doesn't take for granted the primacy of sense and reason while resisting the temptation to retreat from the modern world.

Arachne Press
Arachne Press is a micro publisher of poetry and short stories, and novels. We have just hit our 5th Anniversary and our 19th book, and are beginning to explore the world of audio books. We tour our books to read live to audiences at festivals bookshops and libraries around the UK and run the annual Solstice Shorts festival of music and words in Greenwich.

Assorted Translations
ASSORTED TRANSLATIONS: Hand-picked books of translated poetry. Only the best! A brilliant display of poems of Europe and the world, in mint condition, most in bilingual text, some in English only, but all selling below face value. Something for everyone! I do not undercut books which are displayed here on other tables. You'll see nothing like it in the bookshops. Some of these books came out years ago, and have been forgotten by their publishers, and the booksellers: but I stock them because they are still the best. This is a unique bookstall and you are seeing only half of it. Come and cross frontiers.

Boiler House Press
Boiler House Press is part of UEA Publishing Project, based at the University of East Anglia - home of the world-renowned Creative Writing MA - and publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and everything in-between.

Burning Eye Books
Here at Burning Eye Books we think of ourselves an an upstart indie punk publishing co. We are a small independent publisher in the South West predominantly specialising in promoting spoken word artists. We aim to dispel the assumption that performance poetry does not transfer well to page as well as give emerging and established artists opportunities to be published where they might be rejected from other traditional poetry publishers. We look for the bold, the fearless and the strange and we pride ourselves on providing a conscious platform for the marginalised.

Carcanet Press
Founded in 1969 by Michael Schmidt, Carcanet is an award-winning literary publisher with a comprehensive list of modern and classic poetry in English and translation, inventive fiction and non-fiction. A live backlist of some 1000 titles includes literature from 37 languages and 50 nations. Celebrated authors include Nobel Prize-winners Orhan Pamuk, Octavio Paz, Jose Saramago, Joseph Brodsky and Czeslaw Milosz (Turkey, Mexico, Portugal, Russia and Poland respectively), and many outstanding discoveries from around the world. Carcanet employs a full-time staff of six, four of whom are under 30. Carcanet also publishes the magazine PN Review six times a year and is an Arts Council National Portfolio Organization.

Cinnamon Press
Cinnamon Press is a small, independent publisher run by a family team and based in North Wales. We select books that we feel passionate about and concentrate on a small list of titles into which we put maximum effort at every stage of development. Innovative: Cinnamon is an innovative publisher, publishing fiction, poetry and selective non fiction books. Cinnamon Press books are not defined by genre, but by their unique ability to be thought provoking and to say something new. International: As a small press operating in North Wales, we aim to include a significant list of Welsh writing in English amongst our titles.Our list includes books from Wales, Scotland and England and also titles from Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, America and China etc.

clinic is a poetry press (est 2009), producing events, anthologies and pamphlets.

Dempsey & Windle
We are a small but growing imprint, based in Guildford, Surrey. Since 2011 we have specialised in publishing poetry collections, pamphlets and anthologies since 2011. In 2017 we have published four individual collections, four pamphlets and an anthology of 66 poems. We pride ourselves on the quality of our editing and layout skills, and on our ability to work with authors to ensure that their work reaches the audiences it deserves. We're skilled at presenting spoken word events and always promote our publications with launches and readings in Guildford and London. Our annual Spring competition, the Brian Dempsey Memorial Prize, offers cash and publication as prizes.We invite submissions of manuscripts for pamphlets and individual collections twice a year: 31st January – 30th March and 1st September – 30th November, with no reading fee.

Dream Catcher Books
Dream Catcher Books is a small press dedicated to producing excellent books of poetry and short fiction. We offer a range of contemporary titles touching on important issues in contemporary society across different cultures, faiths and political attitudes.

etruscan books
etruscan books is 21 years young, and has published concrete, Gaelic and modernist poetry with an ear for the lyric and the made up word. They give attention to spatiality, experiment and the lyric. The books are carefully edited, and still sewn on good papers. Writers published include Carlyle Reedy, Tom Leonard, Maggie O'Sullivan, Brian Catling and Brian Coffey. We publish John Healy's first novel in a quarter century, The Metal Mountain.

Faber & Faber
Eliot, Auden, Moore, Larkin, Hughes, Plath, Heaney, Walcott and Armitage: for over 80 years Faber has published the best poetry in the world.

Face Press
Publisher of new poetry.

Flarestack Poets
After a brief hiatus, Flarestack Poets is back, with a new co-editor, Isabel Palmer, joining Jacqui Rowe, and an exciting publishing programme for 2017-18, including titles by Jane Frank & Hugh McMillan; Ros Goddard; Philip Gross & Jenny Pollack; Joe Horgan; Lucy Ingrams; Anna-May Laugher; Ian McEwen; Pey Pey Oh; and Alasdair Paterson. Flarestack Poets sees the pamphlet as a poetic form in itself. The press has won the Michael Marks award for pamphlet publishers, two of its titles have won the Michael Marks award for individual pamphlets, and a further two have been PBS pamphlet choices.

Forward Arts Foundation
The Forward Arts Foundation is a charity committed to widening poetry’s audience, honouring achievement and supporting talent, through the Forward Prizes for Poetry and the Forward Book of Poetry, an indispensable annual anthology of the year’s best poetry. The Forward Prizes are awarded at a public ceremony with readings from the shortlisted poets, a must-hear event of the poetry year, held this year at Southbank Centre, London, on 21 September 2017. We also co-ordinate National Poetry Day, the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical, held Thursday 28 September 2017 and Thursday 6 October 2018.

Gatehouse Press
Gatehouse Press is a publishing house based in Norwich. Founded in 2006 by Tom Corbett, its mission is to support new writers, primarily through publishing poetry and short fiction. Our aim is to provide a platform both for new writers from across the UK, and for established writers who are seeking to develop new and innovative projects. Whilst we seek to promote the work of writers from a diverse range of backgrounds, we also aim to retain a strong sense of connection with our East Anglian roots.

Green Bottle Press
Green Bottle Press was founded in 2014 to publish first pamphlets and first collections for poets writing in English. Sometimes we stray from that brief, but only if the work is really compelling and the poet has tried other publishers first! Our commitment is to new voices.

GUG Press
GUG Press is a young, independent press putting out fresh, playful writing. It operates at intersections to bring you striking, progressive, original ideas executed with levity and depth. The work we publish is just as enjoyably direct and welcoming as it is conceptual and experimental. We print pamphlets, collections and anthologies. If you are a writer, our door is always open. Get to know our books and then contact us to hear about publishing opportunities and submissions. Email us to join our newsletter and receive a free sample of GUG Press writing.

Guillemot Press
Guillemot Press is a new small poetry publisher producing limited editions of beautiful little books. We have a preference for shorter forms and for writing that engages with ‘edgelands’, whether literal or metaphorical. Relationships between people and places or people and other animals, questions of faith and its absence, exploration and the monstrous, all interest us, as do formal experimentation, visual poetics, image-making, brevity and clarity.

Hearing Eye
Hearing Eye was established by John Rety and Susan Johns in 1987. Since then we have published over 200 books and pamphlets, from haiku to epic poems, by new and established poets. It is based at Torriano Meeting House in London which hosts weekly readings with a wide range of readers, including Stephen Watts, Timothy Ades, Les Murray and Mimi Khalvati. Many Hearing Eye authors are poets who have read at the Meeting House.

Henningham Family Press
David and Ping Henningham formed the Henningham Family Press in 2006 as a microbrewery for books. They write, print and bind their own books, and with collaborators. These are often event-based commissions (Letters Home, 2014), Performance Publishing events that generate, publish and distribute works immediately (The Maximum Wage, 2016), or deluxe editions collected by the V&A, Tate, National Poetry Library, and many more (An Unknown Soldier, 2010).

Hercules Editions
Hercules Editions is an independent press based in Lambeth and dedicated to publishing chapbooks combining poetry with original visual material. Our first publication, Formerly (2012) was shortlisted for the prestigious Ted Hughes Award. Since then we’ve featured poets such as Hannah Lowe, Claire Crowther and Sean O’Brien, and continue to produce books notable for their high production values and signature small square format. Each publication is printed in an edition of 300 and is signed by the author, making them collectors’ items for the future. In 2017 we are pleased to be releasing Rubaiyat for the Martyrs of Two Wars, a moving poem by Ruth Valentine focussing on modern martyrdom in two communities, utilising the traditional Persian form; and A Bargain with the Light: Poems after Lee Miller, Jacqueline Saphra’s stunning sonnet sequence on the life and work of the iconic model, photographer and muse.

Holland Park Press
Holland Park Press is a privately owned publishing initiative. Its aim is to promote poetry and literary fiction, and discover new writers. It specializes in contemporary English fiction and poetry, and translations of Dutch classics. It also gives contemporary Dutch writers the opportunity to be published in Dutch and English.

Hurst Street Press
Hurst Street Press is an independent printing press and publishing house, established in 2015. The driving aim of the Press is to disseminate original and experimental works using traditional techniques of production.

If a Leaf Falls Press
If a Leaf Falls Press publishes limited edition poetry with an emphasis on appropriation and procedural writing.

if p then q
if p then q is an established small press publishing minimal, conceptual and language poetries.

Inpress is the UK’s specialist in selling books produced by independent publishers. Since 2002, we have worked to support innovative, literary publishers across the UK and Ireland, delivering their fiction, poetry and non-fiction to book lovers worldwide. We bring painstakingly-created, innovative and outside-of-the-mainstream books together in one place so that you can browse, buy and love them, wherever you live. Inpress is different to other online bookstores: we work in partnership with publishers so that they, and their writers, profit from your purchase. Which makes enjoying a good book a brilliant thing for everyone.

Isobar Press
Isobar Press, founded in 2013 and based in London and Tokyo, publishes English-language poetry from Japan; the aims are to ensure that the work of English-language poets associated with Japan is available, to make Japan more visible as a location for contemporary writing, and to represent both the variety and the excellence of the work being done there. As of summer 2017, the press has published twenty-three books by sixteen authors. Twelve of these writers are native-speakers of English, whether American, Canadian, English, or Irish, and two are Japanese poets who choose to write in English; in addition, this year Isobar has started publishing translations of modernist and contemporary Japanese poetry, along with translations from other languages of books with a strong Japanese connection.

Knives Forks and Spoons Press
KFS is a multimedia publisher of experimental poetry. We are supported by the Arts Council's GFTA programme.

Lautus Press
Lautus Press was born when we realised that not only did we share a love of poetry, but also, more unusually, of washing lines and all things to do with laundry . . . After a couple of years of sharing our discoveries, we realised we had the makings of a book – and because our prime motivation was our love of washing lines and not financial reward, we decided to publish ourselves – hence Lautus Press, and WASHING LINES. To our surprise and delight the collection reprinted almost straight away and is still in print in a revised edition. We have added two more titles, STRINGS OF PEARLS (about jewels and jewellery, and the stories they tell) and SHORELINES (about beaches and beachcombing, collecting shells and pebbles, tides and rockpools . . . ). Two more are in the pipeline . . . Janie and Barbara

Little Island Press
Little Island Press is an independent publisher of fiction, poetry and essays. Founded in 2016, it publishes innovative, intellectually ambitious writing in elegant, hardback editions designed by the award-winning design studio typographic research unit.

Live Canon
The Live Canon ensemble perform poetry, from memory, at festivals, theatres and events. The Live Canon Poetry Press publish anthologies, debut collections, mid-career poets and a wide selection of work, as well as commissioning poetry projects and recording poetry CDs and audio books. Please stop by and say hello or find out more at www.livecanon.co.uk

Longbarrow Press
Longbarrow Press is a Sheffield-based independent poetry publisher with a reputation for work that explores the intersections of landscape, history and memory. Since the launch of our first publications in 2006, we've developed an eclectic programme of events, including poetry walks, exhibitions and collaborations with musicians and filmmakers, alongside a growing online archive of field recordings based on our visits to canals, chapels and sea caves in Yorkshire and beyond. Our parallel journey in print has also unfolded with an emphasis on innovation, with titles ranging from maps, acetates and matchboxes to our current series of acclaimed hardback books. An ethos of craft and care informs this preoccupation with 'the book as object', and helps to ensure that the format of publication is always a sympathetic response to the poem (rather than an object imposed on the poem).

Modern Poetry in Translation
Modern Poetry in Translation is a literary magazine founded by Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort in 1965. It publishes the best international poetry in English language translation, including Nobel winners and exciting new voices, plus essays and reviews of new publications. Recent issues include commissions of poetry by refugees, a focus on Korean poetry, and new work translated from the many languages of India. An anthology was also published by Bloodaxe Books last year.

Moot Press are independent publishers of poetry, photography & experimental texts based in Bristol & London, UK

Mother's Milk Books
Mother’s Milk Books is an independent press managed by at-home mother, Dr Teika Bellamy. The press was founded in 2011 in order to publish books that celebrate femininity and empathy, with a view to normalizing breastfeeding. Teika was the 2015 recipient of the Women in Publishing’s ‘New Venture Award’ for pioneering work on behalf of under-represented groups in society; Mother’s Milk Books was also longlisted in the 2017 Saboteur Awards category ‘Most Innovative Publisher’ and continues to gain recognition for the quality of its books.

New Departures/Poetry Olympics
In 1959 my fellow students Anna Lovell, David Sladen & I coedited New Departures #1 hoping to bring poetry & other arts out of the restrictive game reserves to which the commercial & insular British arts establishment had consigned them. We befriended & published Beckett, Burroughs, Victor Pasmore & Stevie Smith in that first issue alongside our contemporaries Cornelius Cardew, John Fuller, Bernard Kops & John McGrath. We simultaneously launched Live New Departures, presenting multimedia countercultural productions, catalysing hitherto unfamiliar interplays between literature & diverse forms of music, drama & song, with over the following 6 decades some 5,000 events worldwide, under various rubrics such as Jazz Poetry SuperJam & Poetry Olympics – often accompanied with related print, recorded & filmed publications, most recently featuring the likes of Damon Albarn, Steven Berkoff, Stan Tracey, Paul Weller, Bobby Wellins & Annie Whitehead.

Nine Arches Press
Nine Arches Press are independent poetry publishers based in the Midlands and the home of Under the Radar magazine and Leicester Shindig poetry night. We publish a range of new books from debut and established poets, including Rishi Dastidar, Angela France, Tania Hershman, Inua Ellams, Jo Bell, Khairani Barokka, Jacqueline Saphra, Angela Readman and many more. Join us for an adventure in poetry!

Out-Spoken Press
Independent publisher of poetry and critical writing.

Oversteps Books Ltd
Oversteps Books has been publishing the best in contemporary poetry since 1992. Selection is highly competitive and the standard of both the poetry and the finished books is high. Please refer to the submissions page of our website before sending work.

Paekakariki Press
Paekakariki Press was established in 2010 to continue the tradition of letterpress printing that is in danger of disappearing in the digital age. The project started with the acquisition of a Furnival Guillotine from the 1880s and somehow has developed into a full-blown letterpress workshop in Walthamstow, London, with some 300 cases of type, a Heidelberg KS cylinder, a Ludlow typograph, a Thompson British Automatic platen, a Victoria Art platen and most recently, a Monotype Composition Caster and a Super Caster.

Paper Swans Press
Paper Swans Press is an award-winning, small, independent publisher of poetry and flash fiction. We welcome submissions from all over the world and publish in a variety of formats: anthologies, individual pamphlets and online publications. Our aim is to give exposure and acclaim to both established and emerging writers of poetry and flash fiction. Please see our website for further information and current calls for submission.

Parthian Books
A Carnival of Voices in Independent Publishing. Central to our mission is our belief in the power of a great book, and what we publish reflects a diverse and contemporary Wales that casts a keen eye on the wider world. Exciting, vibrant, surprising, relevant and original... in recent years, our authors have garnered critical acclaim and prestigious accolades including The Dylan Thomas Prize, The Betty Trask, the Wales Book of the Year, the Orange Futures Award, The Rhys Davies Prize, the Journey Prize, the Edge Hill Readers' Award and The Stonewall Award.New titles for 2017 include poetry collections from Terry Hetherington and Robin Reeves winner Natalie Ann Holborow, Wales Young People’s Laureate Sophie McKeand, Christina Thatcher, Eleni Cay and Susie Wild. Recent releases include poetry from Kate Noakes, Jasmine Donahaye, Mark Blayney, M.A. Oliver-Semenov, Norman Schwenk, Siôn Tomos Owen and Jemma L. King.

Partus Press
Partus Press is an independent publisher based between Reykjavík, Iceland and Manchester, UK, committed to the discovery of contemporary international literature.

Peepal Tree Press
Peepal Tree Press is the world’s largest publisher of Caribbean and Black British fiction, poetry, literary criticism, memoirs and historical studies. Jeremy Poynting, recently awarded the Bocas Henry Swanzy Award for Distinguished Service to Caribbean Letters, is the Managing Editor. Recent prize successes include the Felix Dennis Award for Best First Collection for Wife by Tiphanie Yanique and the Jhalak Prize for best book by a UK writer of colour, awarded to Jacob Ross for his crime novel The Bone Readers. Based in Leeds and founded in 1985, it publishes around 25 books a year and has published over 350 titles.

Penned in the Margins
Penned in the Margins are a small independent publisher based in East London specialising in poetry. From small beginnings as a reading series in a converted railway arch, they have grown over the last decade to be a respected literary arts company producing new work live, in print and online. This unique blend of publishing and production characterises their distinctive model in the cultural landscape. Striving for innovation in both design and content, recent Penned in the Margins books have been shortlisted for the International Dylan Thomas Prize and the Costa Book Award, and won a 2016 British Book Design & Production Award.

Platypus Press
Platypus Press is a boutique publisher based in England. We seek to unearth innovative contemporary poetry and prose from a broad variety of voices and experiences.

Poem Flyer
Poem Flyer brings together a design and print format with a corresponding editorial focus.This is a conscious affiliation with the Imagist principles of conciseness of form and precision of language. The older foundations of lyric and epigram are also, inevitably, present. As design and typography, it is an entertaining imprint. Editorially, the aim is to concentrate on a few poets.

Poetry Book Society
Set up by T S Eliot and friends in 1953 ‘to propagate the art of poetry’, the Poetry Book Society is a unique poetry society, providing information, reviews and discounts on the best contemporary poetry for an international community of readers. The Poet Selectors choose the best new poetry collection of the quarter, the PBS Choice, which is sent to full members as part of their membership. All members also receive the Bulletin, the quarterly review of new poetry, which contains the Poet Selectors' reviews of the Choice and Recommendations and the selected poets' comments on their own work. Charter members receive the bulletin, Choice and four Recommended books. All members also get an exclusive 25% discount on all additional book orders. Join our lively community of poetry book lovers at www.poetrybooks.co.uk.

Rack Press
Rack Press is an award-winning Welsh pamphlet press that has published over 40 poets since 2005.

Seren Books is based in Bridgend, Wales. We have been publishing prize-winning poetry titles for more than 30 years.

Shearsman Books
Shearsman Books is a busy publisher of poetry and books related to poetry. Its main lines are: (1) New poetry from the UK and Ireland, (2) new poetry from North America, (3) Poetry in translation, with a special emphasis on translation from Spanish, (4) Literary criticism, (5) Classics (i.e. long-dead authors: our version of the Penguin Classics, if not as far-reaching). A 6th line, offering new editions of out-of-print volumes will be launched in 2018. Shearsman Books tends to have a broader view of what constitutes good poetry than most of its competitors: we’re happy to consider experimental work, visual poetry, field composition or plain old rhyming sonnets (although experience suggests that very few people know how to write a good rhyming sonnet these days). We are publishing over 50 volumes in 2017 and expect to issue another 35-40 in 2018.

Sidekick Books
Bubbling forth from the infernal book lab of mad alchemist Dr Fulminare, Sidekick Books is a London-based publisher of collaborations, anthologies and lavish treasuries – volatile fusions that blend poetry with visual art and critical writing, taking in pop culture, esoterica and formal experimentation. Sidekick was founded in 2009 and is run by poets Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone.

Silhouette Press
Silhouette Press is a not-for-profit publisher that aims to support emerging writers and people wishing to gain access to the publishing industry.

Sine Wave Peak
Sine Wave Peak is an independent publisher specialising in concrete & formal poetry, based in Manchester, UK. Authors include Aram Saroyan, Hannah Lowe, Thomas A Clark, Mary Ellen Solt, Jerome Rothenberg, and more.

smith|doorstop Books / The Poetry Business
The Poetry Business is a poetry publisher and writer development agency.We publish books, pamphlets, audio and eBooks under the smith|doorstop imprint; edit a literary magazine, The North; and run Writing Days, masterclasses, residential courses, and a Writing School for published poets. We also run the annual Book & Pamphlet Competition and the New Poets' Prize for poetrs aged 16-22.

Stairwell Books
Stairwell Books is York’s biggest ‘small’ press, with over 60 books to date. We publish poetry, novels, themed anthologies, short story collections, memoirs and history; and Dream Catcher arts magazine. We’ve been publishing since 2005 and have bases in York and Norwalk CT, USA. We will give you honest feedback on your manuscript and, if accepted for publication, will work with you toward holding your book in hand. We also offer a full range of editorial and publication services including e-books. You can also find us on twitter (@StairwellBooks, @literaryartsmag) and Facebook (Facebook.com/Stairwell-Books).

We are an independent publisher founded in 2005 with an outstanding modern poetry list featuring poets whose work we publish in superbly designed and skilfully made paperback and hardback editions. Our online bookshop offers our titles in print anywhere in the world and Templar titles are available from us through our Amazon Bookstore. The Templar Editorial offices are in Derbyshire where we present a unique annual publishing festival: the Derwent Poetry Festival. Our monthly Templar Poetry live events at Keats House in London launch our new titles throughout the year and Templar poets read at live poetry events across the British Isles. Our poets are recognized in major poetry book awards and national and international competitions. Please browse our website to find out more about our poets and their books in print.

Test Centre
Test Centre is an independent publishing house and record label with an interest in the spoken and written word, publishing a range of poetry, fiction, and audio, and an annual magazine.

The British Haiku Society
The British Haiku Society produces an award-winning quarterly journal, Blithe Spirit, and a newsletter. We also publish yearly anthologies and books concerning haiku and related matters. Each year we administer the British Haiku Awards for haiku and tanka. We are also active in promoting the teaching of haiku and we’ve created a free haiku teaching kit for schools and colleges that can be downloaded from our website.

The Emma Press
The Emma Press is an independent poetry publisher, run by Emma Wright and dedicated to producing beautiful, thought-provoking books. It publishes themed anthologies, single-author pamphlets and books for children, all printed on high-quality paper and often illustrated. The Emma Press won the Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlet Publishers in 2016 and Emma Press books have won the Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice Award, the Saboteur Award for Best Collaborative Work, and the CLPE award for children's poetry books, CLiPPA. The Emma Press is keen on making poetry welcoming and accessible. In 2015 they received a grant from Arts Council England to travel around the country with Myths and Monsters, a tour of poetry readings and workshops aimed at children aged 8+. They run lots of events and workshops and they are run regular calls for submissions to their themed poetry anthologies and poetry pamphlet s

The Lifeboat
The Lifeboat is a pamphlet press based in Belfast. Since March 2016 we have published pamphlets by Padraig Regan, Andy Eaton and Susannah Dickey.

The Melos Press
Melos Press aim to publish four to six pamphlets a year. For us the ideal pamphlet collection is a sequence of poems related by theme, or a single continuous narrative. We look for a high level of linguistic and poetic skill and the ability to combine lyrical and personal poetry with political and social awareness - a fairly tough combination to achieve. Our growing list includes writers such as A.C. Bevan, Jo Dixon, Cathy Galvin, Andrew McCulloch, David Morley, Nicholas Murray, and Ian Parks. We are always on the lookout for new and promising writers and invite you to look at our website melospress.blogspot.com and perhaps buy a pamphlet or two to see exactly what we do.

The Poetry School
The Poetry School is a national arts organisation providing inspiring tuition and opportunities for poets and poetry audiences. We were founded in 1997 by poets Mimi Khalvati, Jane Duran and Pascale Petit. Since our earliest days, our courses and activities have encouraged poets and poetry to flourish.With established teaching centres throughout England, as well as online courses, one-to-one tutorials, an accredited MA with Newcastle University, a programme of residencies and publishing opportunities and the world’s biggest social network dedicated to poetry – CAMPUS – the Poetry School is unique in its ability to reach and develop aspiring poets wherever they may be, both in the UK and internationally. The Poetry School is a registered charity and a proud part of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisation 2015-2018.

The Poetry Society
The Poetry Society was founded in 1909 to promote “a more general recognition and appreciation of poetry”. Since then, it has grown into one of Britain’s most dynamic arts organisations, representing British poetry both nationally and internationally. Today it has more than 4000 members worldwide and publishes the leading poetry magazine, The Poetry Review.With innovative education and commissioning programmes and a packed calendar of performances, readings and competitions, The Poetry Society champions poetry for all ages. As well as the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award, The Poetry Society runs the National Poetry Competition, one of the world’s longest-running and most prestigious prizes for an individual poem, and the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry – the prize founded by Carol Ann Duffy from her honorarium as Poet Laureate.

The Poetry Translation Centre
The Poetry Translation Centre was founded in 2004 by the poet Sarah Maguire to introduce extraordinary poetry from around the world to new audiences, live and online. Our mission is to give the best poems from Africa, Asia and Latin America a new life in the English language, to better understand and dignify the diverse communities who have made their home in the UK, and to enrich the English poetic tradition through translation. We produce new translations through public workshops which are open to all and free to unwaged and refugee participants. We commission fresh translations for publication by pairing international poets with leading UK poets who write in English. We organise poetry tours around the country. Above all, we forge enduring relations with immigrant communities in the UK for whom poetry is of great importance. The PTC is supported by Arts Council England and donations from our supporters.

The Rialto
As well as the celebrated poetry magazine The Rialto publishes pamphlets and occasional collections. Two of our pamphlets have won the Michael Marks Award.

The Society of Authors Poetry and Spoken Word Group
The Society of Authors is the UK trade union for over 10,000 writers, at all stages of their careers. Its Poetry and Spoken Word Group was established in 2015 to address the particular professional concerns of poets and spoken word artists. It is an active campaigning body and runs a number of events each year. Membership of the SoA gives poets a collective voice, access to unlimited expert advice including a contract-vetting service, and discounts on Public Liability Insurance, in bookshops and on subscriptions to literary magazines including the London Review of Books and Modern Poetry in Translation. “The Society of Authors has been an invaluable source of support for me […] offering opportunities for professional development, contact with other writers and – no less crucially – a sense of community.” – Helen Mort

The Yew Tree Press
Publishing poetry and fine limited editions since 1997 using teaditional letterpress and graphic fine arts printing techniques.

Tuba Press
We do not encourage or exclude any particular form of poetry; but do look for work which contributes something lasting to English Literature. When possible, we like to publish those who have not hitherto had a complete printed book to themselves.

V. Press
Editor: S.A. Leavesley; Design: Ruth Stacey. V. Press publishes poetry pamphlets, single-author poetry collections, flash/short fiction pamphlets. Submissions welcome only in specific reading windows(see website for details). Established with a launch at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2013, V. Press publishes poetry and short fiction that is very very. Our emphasis is on quality over any particular style. V. Press poetry/fiction knows what it wants to do and does it well. Our rapidly expanding range of publications include Jacqui Rowe's Ransom Notes and forthcoming Blink, Carrie Etter's flash fiction pamphlet Hometown,David Clarke's Scare Stories, Stephen Daniels Tell Mistakes I Love Them, Gram Joel Davies' Bolt Down This Earth, Romalyn Ante's Rice & Rain, Antony Owen's The Nagasaki Elder, Alex Reed's A Career in Accompaniment, Nina Lewis' Fragile Houses, Kathy Gee's Book of Bones, David Calcutt’s illustrated poetry sequence The Old Man in the House of Bone, David O'Hanlon's art brut and Claire Walker's poetry pamphlet The Girl Who Grew Into a Crocodile. We currently release 4-8 titles a year and are very proud to publish debut pamphlets and collections, as well as established voices.

Valley Press
Established in 2008, Valley Press is a thriving independent publishing house based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. With authors from York, Leeds, London, Michigan, Bermuda and China, we are bringing the world to Yorkshire and Yorkshire to the world. Specialising in poetry, we also publish fiction and non-fiction, and are open to submissions directly from authors.

Vane Women Press
Vane Women is a women’s writing, performing and publishing collective which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. It promotes good writing by organising workshops, mentoring and hosting masterclasses by established writers. It was founded in 1991 to support the development and recognition of women writers in the North East of England.

William Cornelius Harris Publishing
After many years facilitating spoken word events, which included survivors of mental health problems as well as many of the most exciting and unconventional performance poets in London, I felt the need to bring to print all these unrepresented voices. Our first launch was in December 2014 with nine poetry titles, followed by five more in early 2015, 8 titles in 2016. By the end of 2017 we plan to have ten more titles. W.C.H Publishing offers original writers a new level of opportunity, support and access to publication.

zimZalla publishes poetry objects, such as board games, tea bags and badges, plus pamphlets.