Poetry Almanac

Welcome to the Poetry Almanac! 

This is an indispensable guide to poetry in the UK! It's 256 pages packed full of new poems (each one from a different press), as well as extensive UK publisher listings and an array of interesting essays! You can buy it exclusively here on our website for £13 (see below), which includes postage & packing!

The Poetry Almanac contains:
  • over 115 pages of new poems from books published in 2016 (each from a different publisher, with poems about Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, freedom, love, death, winter forests... by poets including Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi, Bernard O'Donoghue, Jane Weir, Jen Calleja, Kwame Dawes, Luke Kennard, Nancy Cambell, Rachel Sills, Sean O'Brien, Michael Horovitz and many more!
  • listings for 190 different UK publishers and poetry organisations (a huge spread of publishers from across the country, that are small, big, traditional, experimental, and everything else in between!)
  • poetry recommendations from the publishers themselves
  • the following fantastic articles:
    1. "Which Publisher, and Are You Ready?" - Helena Nelson
    2. "A (Subjective) Introduction to Innovative Presses" - SJ Fowler
    3. "On Publishing Spoken Word Poetry" - Clive Birnie
    4. "What Excites Poetry Publishers (This Year)" - Chrissy Williams
    5. "On Selling Poetry" - John Clegg
    6. "Poetry and Race" - Malika Booker, Hannah Lowe, Hannah Silva and Nii Parkes 

This is the most comprehensive guide to the UK poetry books and pamphlets being published right now, and builds on our years of experience working with publishers and creating publisher guides.

***Please note that orders placed now will be posted out after October 14th*** 

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