Table Registration


We're still in the process, this year, of trying to find ways to make the fair self-sustainable, without relying on Arts Council funding. As previously, Conway Hall remains the most central and most affordable venue by a fair margin, and we'll be staying there for at least one more year. (Yes, we hope to expand the fair beyond London in the future, but for now it remains the most viable location.)

We remain committed to offering travel bursaries so we can help publishers get in from afar, and to offering a day-and-evening's worth of readings, panels, workshops and classes. All of this will be organised in concert with this year's confirmed exhibitors.

As with the last couple of years, we will be asking everyone to take a half-table again, so that we can keep the number of tables low enough to ensure the venue remains accessible, and to allow the public to circulate more freely. That said, there will be four full tables available, up on the stage, and you can put in a bid for one of these in the booking process. Which leads us to...


With limited space, there is an element of curation involved to ensure we get most representative spread of publishers possible. Priority will be given to those in the UK who publish pamphlets and collections of poetry, and have published the work of at least five different poets in single publications, or more than three anthologies.

We will be taking registration for half-tables until the 1st June, and then will respond to people by the middle of June to confirm whether or not they have been successful.

To register your interest in exhibiting at this year's Poetry Book Fair, at Conway Hall, on Saturday 30th September, please click here and fill in this form by Thursday 1st June.


We will still be handing out a free floorplan to all visitors on the door, and would like to invite people to add their own printed material to a little “Welcome Pack” in an A5 bag (e.g. fliers, pamphlets, catalogues, pens, pencils or other more exciting items).

Final specs have yet to be confirmed, but we anticipate charging £35 (a special one-off rate just for exhibitors) and £50 for non-exhibitors, in order to include an item in this “Welcome Pack” (Any quantity welcome, from a minimum of 100 copies to a maximum of 600.).

We invite you – poets, organisations, or general poetry enthusiasts – to email us with ideas for the “Welcome Pack” on even if you are not planning to exhibit at the fair. (NB Exhibitors, you’ll find an option for this on the Registration Form).