Free Verse is an all-day bazaar, market, library, meeting place, performance venue, information resource and more. Celebrating the vitality of contemporary poetry in the UK, publishers both large and small, both experimental and traditional, display and sell their work direct to the public.

Save the Date!

This year’s Free Verse: Poetry Book & Magazine Fair will take place on Saturday 22nd September 2018 at Senate House in London.

In 2018, Free Verse will be managed by The Poetry Society. We look forward to building on the sturdy foundations of Free Verses past to bring publishers, poets and poetry-lovers together for a day of sales and celebration.

Chrissy Williams, former Director of Free Verse, writes ‘Joey Connolly and I are proud to have built what feels like an essential poetry event over the last seven years, growing from 22 publishers in a church hall to a large-scale event with over 80 exhibitors. The Poetry Book Fair needs to keep growing though, and we know the Poetry Society will be able to give it a more stable and secure future. We’re delighted that they've agreed to take it on, and look forward to seeing how it flourishes in their hands.

Thank you to all our cheerful volunteers over the years and to Jemima Foxtrot for managing them; to Pavlos Johnathan (Social Media) and Will Harris (Readings) for all their help last year; to founder Charles Boyle for having had the great idea in the first place; and to Joey Connolly, without whose management skills the Fair would surely have crumbled into dust years ago.
Thank you also for your support over the years – we hope to see you at this year’s Fair, only this time from the audience!
Chrissy Williams, Director (former!)
and on behalf of Joey Connolly, Manager (also former!)

More details will follow shortly!


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